Exceptional Customer Care

American Express support and access to help you do business and stand out from the competition.

Superior Services & Knowledge

Real-World Business Insights

Our in-depth knowledge and expertise allows us to provide focused advice on your program and give you strategic solutions to help you realise maximum savings and return on your investment. As your partner, American Express offers:

  • Nearly 100 dedicated implementation managers around the globe
  • Trained experts with access to tools and best practices from thousands of real projects
  • A dedicated industry Account Manager for large accounts

Global Presence, Real-Time Service

When your Company needs to leverage global tools, service and expertise to develop a multi-market program, American Express is by your side to provide:

  • Consistent data through our Global Data Repository, closed-loop network infrastructure and direct merchant relationships
  • Consolidated view of supplier spending across markets
  • Expense management tools that integrate with financial systems across markets
  • Opportunities to negotiate for greater savings from increased volume via a multi-market program
  • A cohesive program through our experienced global implementation resources

Procurement Solutions

American Express Consulting is an independent advisory team that can provide specialist procurement solutions, strategies and insight to your business. With over 30 years experience American Express Consulting can evaluate the effectiveness of your procurement solutions strategies through the following services:

  • Multiple vendor data consolidation and analysis
  • Savings (and missed savings) quantification
  • Departmental benchmarking
  • Fraud health check

There When You Need Us

We take pride in taking care of our Card Members and provide a range of customer support services to help you and your employees remain safe, comfortable and productive whether in the office or on the road. Services include:

  • 24/7 Emergency Global Assist for legal or medical assistance
  • Dedicated customer service
  • 24-hour emergency Card replacement
  • Worldwide cash access
  • And more

Benefit Terms for Exceptional Customer Care

Emergency Global Assist:
You must arrange all medical and visitor transportation. As the Global Assist Hotline is an assistance service, we cannot reimburse you for expenses you incur on your own. Please refer to the Global Assist Summary of Coverage for additional details and restrictions. Only available when you travel more than 200km from your home, for up to 90 consecutive days.