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Features & Benefits

Smooth, Swift Remittance

American Express maintains direct relationships with all of our suppliers. By managing the payment process through our network, you gain straight-through processing for BIP settlements. After you approve a payment, funds are deposited into the suppliers account, generally the next business day, with full remittance information provided. You will receive an electronic confirmation file that can be uploaded directly into your financial system.

Optimise Cash Flow With Access to Float

Take the worry out of funding gaps between paying suppliers and receiving payment from your customers. BIP’s digital payment method allows you to extend your payment terms with suppliers by giving you up to 58 days float, similar to a traditional purchasing card. With BIP, you can accelerate payments while extending Days Payable Outstanding (DPO).

Improve Control and Compliance

BIP solutions also offer the added security, control and efficiency you require to expand the volume of spend range of commodities. Controls include our easy payment scheduling and an approval flow process that ensures large-scale payments follow your Company’s compliance policies.

Let Your Financial Performance Shine

Help boost financial performance by using the BIP account as an unsecured line of credit where expenditures aren’t reflected on the P&L as a liability. The added float is comparable to early payment discounts but without the short term cash outlay. As a result, you can invest your cash in gaining a positive return or funding other initiatives.

Strengthen Supplier Relationships

American Express maintains direct relationships with all of our suppliers. With BIP you can help reduce your suppliers Days Sales Outstanding and increase their cash flow.