About the American Express
Government Card Program

The American Express® Government Card Program is designed specifically to meet the evolving needs of your Agency. Offering innovative payment and travel programs, exceptional employee care, actionable insights and our renowned global reach and local expertise, we help your business to thrive.

Payment solutions to help your business thrive

An overview of your Program

Your Agency’s American Express® Government Card Program is so much more than a Card. Providing a complete Government payment solution, we’re by your side to save you time and money so that you can grow your business – whether that means reinvesting in your top line or driving the performance of your bottom line.


We provide one liability option to help your Agency meet the appropriate level of risk exposure you’re looking to control:

  1. Full Government (Sole) Liability: Your Agency is liable for all charges, except charges that result from unauthorised use by a third party.

Fraud protection

With predictive algorithms designed to identify and communicate any fraudulent activity in your Program, our systems and solutions give you the peace of mind that Card Member accounts are protected. To assist in fraud prevention, we offer mobile fraud alerts, Chip & Pin technology and American Express SafeKey® functionality at participating merchants, to ensure your Card Members are safe and secure when purchasing in store or online.

Card types

The American Express® Government Card
Providing the service, trust and support we’re renowned for. With benefits including Global Assist®, Emergency Cheque Cashing and business travel Accident insurance, your employees can be confident that we’re by their side. See more here.

Spend controls

Many companies seek the ability to control employee Card use for certain categories of expenses, so we offer a range of solutions to help you to set specific controls at the Card, industry or supplier level. Working with our experienced team, you may choose to set custom controls at selected suppliers by providing a preferred supplier list, or set additional controls at specific merchant locations. You may also wish to set customised controls over spend in particular categories (like office supplies or travel suppliers). Our model and experience ensures you’re supported to identify the right products and controls for your Agency’s needs.

Billing & payment options

When it comes to the billing and payment of your account, your Agency has the option to manage this centrally or through individual Card Members, depending on the needs of your organisation.
More information on our billing and payment options.