Benefits for your people

With American Express®, your employees are in good hands.
Our Card Member servicing and exceptional employee care
just begin to scratch the surface.

Delivering benefits for your Card Members

Employee care

Whether your staff are halfway around the world or in the office down the hall, we are dedicated to making sure their needs are met. With our Card Member servicing, we provide high quality service for all Card Members, so we are by your side to help you and your team when you need it most.

We can help to locate staff through our network of ATM and merchant transactions, can communicate with affected staff to coordinate alternative travel plans, can establish special procedures for Card Members to address emergency spending and payment needs, and can assist your Card Members in emergencies by providing foreign language support. With a track record of going above and beyond, we deliver exceptional employee care around the world, around the clock.

Card Member service

With American Express, your Card Members benefit from our Customer Service, which centres on our unique Relationship Care model. Our customer care professionals are dedicated to serving the needs of your staff, and are empowered to resolve problems on the first point of contact. Available 24/7 with a single phone call Card Members can review their account summaries, check balances and confirm their payment status.

As we work toward our goal of being the world’s most respected service brand, you can rest assured that your staff will receive a consistent level of premium service from American Express. Click here to speak to our team.

Mobile capabilities

We have a suite of mobile tools that are designed to streamline your Card Members’ expense and travel experience. With our mobile functionalities in the palm of their hands, Card Members can manage their accounts, receive travel benefit reminders, capture business expense receipts, and so much more.

More information on American Express’ mobile solutions

Business travel accident insurance

When your Card Members book a common carrier ticket on their American Express Government Card, they are automatically covered for Business Travel Accident Insurance at no extra cost. This benefit provides you and your employees with the peace of mind that they will be covered in the case of an accident. This insurance provides security for business trips from departure, throughout the trip (up to 30 consecutive days), and until they return. Click here for more details and T&Cs on American Express Business Travel Insurance.

Online services

American Express® Government Card Members have access to our online services, where they can easily manage their account through self-service tools that are available on the web, as well as through tablets and mobile devices. Through our online services, Card Members can take care of all their day-to-day program needs (which frees up time for you), enabling them to view their transactions and pay their statements virtually any time and anywhere.

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