Value for your Agency

We help to drive end-to-end efficiencies for your business, we ensure your staff are supported and productive wherever they are, we provide actionable insights so you can make fast, forward-focused decisions, and we give you access to our global reach and local expertise - so you can get business done, wherever you want to be.

Delivering value for your Agency

Innovative payment & travel programs

Put simply, we’re more than a Card company. We offer payment solutions that can be used to better manage all your expenses, whether large or small. With our innovative payment and travel programs, we help your Agency to drive end-to-end efficiencies.

  • Our breadth of payment solutions include Government Travel Cards for travel and everyday Agency spending, as well as purchasing cards, virtual single use accounts and buyer initiated payments.
  • We also offer the security and control that American Express is famous for, by offering Agency and Card Member level controls. Read more about limits and controls here.

Actionable insights

When you’re looking to turn your information into insights, we’ll be right there to help. With access to our large and robust data set, we’ll help you to understand the context of your Agency’s spend - so you can make real, insight-driven and action-based decisions. Here are just a few examples of how we can help you transform your data into actions:

  • Extensive depth and breadth of data
    We are one of the few companies who manage a ‘closed loop’ network, meaning that we own our merchant and our issuing business, so we have access to both Card Member and merchant data. Combining this data, we can help to provide insights on key comparisons, like booked and billed travel transactions. We can also leverage our large, high quality base of clients to provide you with relevant and timely contextual information, to identify opportunities for optimising your Program.
  • Our customer base
    If you’re looking to benchmark your spend against similar organisations and industries, we can help. With access to the spend data of our tens of thousands of corporate and Government clients across over 190 countries and territories, we can bring this information to you in an aggregated way. It’s a valuable and powerful source of data that’s the foundation behind every insight we bring to your business.
  • Actionable program reporting and analysis
    Within @ Work, we provide a suite of informational tools, ranging from standard reporting; providing reports that outline regularly scheduled Card management, compliance and trends at varying organisational and geographic levels. We also provide more customisable reporting, allowing you to view the information that matters most to your organisation. Our insightful dashboards are also critical in helping to easily and regularly manage your Program.
  • Expert insights
    If you’re looking to dig a little deeper, our Consulting team is available with their in-depth industry knowledge, which they can put to work on your business. Providing unique analysis and proactive recommendation, they’re highly skilled, on-demand experts who can bring tested best practices and the freshest ideas to your travel and payment programs.

Exceptional employee care

Whether your staff are halfway around the world or in the office down the hall, with American Express, they’ll be looked after with our:

  • Card Member Servicing – wherever your staff are, and however they choose to reach us, they’ll be provided with the high quality service we’re famous for.
  • End-to-End Program Administrator Servicing – whether you choose to call our servicing team or manage your Program through our online tools, we’re right beside you throughout your journey as Program Administrator.
  • Emergency Assistance – we have a history of providing support to our Card Members when the unexpected happens.

Global reach, local expertise

We’ve been helping Governments do business around the globe for decades, so you can have confidence that we’ll be able to support your business wherever it takes you. With American Express by your side, you receive:

  • Global payment solutions to make business happen in the markets that matter to you.
  • A global network and merchant services business to give you coverage where you do business.
  • Global implementation to get programs up and running wherever you want to grow.
  • Global Account Management with local expertise, providing you with global accountability alongside market-specific cultural, regional and regulatory expertise.