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Features & Benefits

Streamline Processes With a Single Payment

Streamline Processes With a Single Payment

By using a single payment option like the American Express Corporate Meeting Card, you can:

  • Save time with a streamlined accounting process
  • Improve cash flow
  • Add controls
  • Increase spend visibility for your business meeting expenses

Easily Manage Business Meetings and Events Spending

The American Express Meeting Card is designed to help you manage corporate expenses from purchase to reconciliation, by enabling you to:

  • Track business meeting expenses and ensure compliance with preferred suppliers
  • Leverage meetings’ volume to consolidate suppliers and enhance negotiations
  • Perform accurate spend analysis via
    American Express @ Work® Customised Reporting
  • Minimise cheques written to suppliers with one consolidated payment to American Express
  • Allocate expenses to appropriate cost centres with American Express Corporate Account Reconciliation tool