Welcome to the Advantages
of American Express

No matter where your business takes you, as an American Express® Corporate Card Member you enjoy a combination of exceptional benefits, our renowned customer service and worldwide Card acceptance.

Getting Started

New Card Member Checklist

Welcome to the world of American Express. Below are some key steps to help you in your journey as a new Corporate Card Member. We will help you to set up your account and understand your Card benefits, so you can get the most out of your partnership with American Express.

  1. Activate your Card and Benefits
  2. Register your Online Account & Set Up Alerts
  3. Get to Know your Card Benefits
  4. Enrol in Membership Rewards
  5. Access Important Card Features
  6. Important Information

Step 1: Activate your Card and Benefits

If you haven’t already activated your Corporate Card, you can do so by visiting
americanexpress.com.au/activate or by calling the number on the back of your Card. During Activation you will be asked to create a Customer Password which can be any 4-digit number of your choice. You will be prompted to enter this password each time you call American Express.

When activating online you will also be able to enrol in paperless statements so you can receive your statement easily and on time each month.

Platinum Card Benefits
If you are a Platinum Card Member, you have access to a suite of special privileges offered only by Platinum. Click here to begin your Platinum experience.

Step 2: Register your Online Account & Setup Alerts

American Express offers Card Members secure and convenient online services to manage your Corporate Card account from virtually anywhere, anytime. You can view your recent transactions, make payments if required, and check your Rewards balance (if you are enrolled*).

We also recommend using our online services to set up Card Alerts. With simple email and/or SMS reminders, you can receive balance updates, payment reminders and monthly notifications when your statement is ready.

To register for Online Services, please click here.

*Only available if your Company allows you to join Membership Rewards; please check with your Program Administrator. Membership Rewards enrolment required (an annual fee applies). For Terms and Conditions, please visit membershiprewards.com.au/termsandconditions.

Step 3: Get to Know Your Card Benefits

As a Corporate Card Member, you now have access to a powerful and flexible tool that has been specifically designed to help you do business more efficiently.

To familiarise yourself with available Card benefits, click to learn more about your specific Card:
American Express Corporate Cards

American Express Qantas Corporate Cards:
For specific information on the benefits available to you as an American Express Qantas Corporate Card Member, please click here.

Additional American Express Products:

Step 4: Enrol in Membership Rewards®

The American Express Membership Rewards program provides you with premium reward options for every dollar^ you spend on your Corporate Card.

If your Company has enabled employee-level Membership Rewards enrolment, then you will be eligible to join:

  •  Membership Rewards Choices & Ascent for American Express Corporate Card Members
  • Membership Rewards Spirit for American Express Qantas Corporate Card Members

For more information on the Membership Rewards programs, please click here, and to enrol, please call the number on the back of your Card. Please note there may be a fee to join Membership Rewards; you should discuss this with your Program Administrator prior to calling.

Once you have enrolled, you can view our full catalogue of rewards and can redeem your points at membershiprewards.com.au.

^Refer to https://acq-au.americanexpress.com/corporateascent (for Choices & Ascent)

^Refer to https://acq-au.americanexpress.com/corporatespirit (for Spirit)

Step 5: Access Important Card Features

As a new Corporate Card Member, there are a few important pieces of information you should be aware of:

Step 6: Important Information

If you have questions or queries about your Corporate Card, we are here to help. Access more information about your Card by visiting:

If you would like to speak to an American Express Customer Service Representative directly, please feel free to contact us.