First steps

As Program Administrator, find out what’s required,
how to start some of your key activities, and where
to find support when you need it.

Begin your journey as Program Administrator

The role of a Program Administrator

As Program Administrator, you play a valuable role in the day-to-day operation of your Company’s American Express Corporate Card Program. You are the central point of contact for program management, and will be required to assist your colleagues when they need information about their American Express Corporate Cards. Your role as Program Administrator may involve setting up new Cards, keeping your Company’s details up to date, arranging payments, monitoring employee spend, and everything in between. And we’re right beside you on your journey.

Maintain your Company’s Program

Many of the most common Program Administrator activities can be managed directly through our online servicing tool, American Express @ Work®– the Program Administrator’s go-to bookmark. With a single sign on, you can easily manage the day-to-day operation of your Program.

All the details of issuing, cancelling, updating and simply keeping track of your Company’s Corporate Cards can be done in a few simple clicks. Specifically, in @ Work you can:

  • Apply for Cards
  • Suspend charging privileges
  • Cancel Cards
  • View declined charges
  • Update employee details
  • Manage Card Member limits
  • Change employee IDs and cost centres
  • Request statement copies
  • Replace Cards
  • Change Corporate Membership Rewards information

Access @ Work

You may also like to participate in our @ Work Client Product Training Forums. For more information about monthly @ Work product training, please speak with your Account Manager for details on upcoming sessions.

Dig deeper into data

@ Work provides a fully interactive web-based reporting solution, giving you the power to review and manipulate your Company’s Corporate Card data. Within the tool, you have links to account pages, reports, program information and tools to help in your ongoing program management. Also in @ Work, you can view Card Profile pages to see the key elements of any Card account in your Company’s Program. You can clearly identify balances, late payments, and the locations of your Card Members’ most recent charges.

Beyond day-to-day program management, @ Work also provides you with the tools to address the more complex elements of your Program, like establishing spend controls and increasing or decreasing employee spend limits.

Access @ Work

Support when you need it

Our Program Administrator servicing team know the ins and outs of running the American Express Corporate Card Program, and they’re ready and available to help. With experience assisting in routine day-to-day issues, as well as the more complex problems that occasionally arise, they’re only a phone call away.

Like our Card Member servicing, our Program Administrator team is based in Australia.

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