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  • Controlled Access to Cash

    The Corporate Cash service allows employees to use the Card to access cash from ATMs worldwide. Cash withdrawal is billed to individual Corporate Card Accounts and appears as a charge on the next statement following the withdrawal. A transaction fee applies to each withdrawal. Enrolment required.

  • Customer Service

    Professional and dedicated customer assistance is always just a phone call away. So whether you have billing enquiries, emergency replacement Card requests or need information or access to a Card benefit or service, we’re ready and able to provide the support you need.

  • American Express Consulting

    Our experienced consultants can tailor cost-saving solutions that will assist you with all aspects of expense management, including policy development, travel purchasing management and process re-engineering.

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  • Emergency Global Assist®

    For legal and medical emergencies while travelling, Card Members can call the Emergency Global Assist Hotline service 24/7 to speak with an English-speaking lawyer, doctor or service provider who can help with cash wires, lost luggage or passports. The service is available virtually anywhere in the world, whenever Card Members travel more than 200km from home, for up to 90 days.

  • Travel Support and Services

    Card Members who book their travel through one of our American Express Travel Service or Representative Offices can enjoy the support of our extensive American Express Worldwide Customer Card services in over 2,200 Travel Service locations in more than 140 countries and territories worldwide. Our friendly, highly trained staff will help with the following services:

    • Reconfirmation of air-tickets
    • Flight rescheduling
    • Sight-seeing arrangements
    • Hotel and car rental reservations
  • Corporate Membership Rewards® Program for Companies

    The Corporate Membership Rewards program‡ enables Companies to accumulate and consolidate rewards points and use them for a wide range of rewards designed with your business needs in mind. Under the program, points accumulate, without limits, in a central account. Your Company decides which Cards to enroll and how to use the points.

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  • Membership Rewards® Program for Employees

    The Membership Rewards program allows enrolled employees to earn points on their corporate spend paid with the American Express Corporate Card. When you are ready to redeem your points, Membership Rewards has options to please everyone. You can redeem points on air travel and hotel stays, as well as gift cards for shopping, entertainment, home and recreational items. Or, shop online, using your points for your favourite brands at David Jones.

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  • 24/7 Access to Your Account Online

    The Manage Your Card Account online services allow you to keep up with your Card activity and easily manage your account online or on your mobile device. With Manage Your Card Account, Card Members are able to conveniently view statements, make payments, and check their Membership Rewards program balance if enrolled.

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  • Manage Your Entire Card Program

    American Express @ Work® is an online management tool that allows you to perform day-to-day tasks like: applying for, cancelling, and suspending Cards; monitoring policy compliance; tracking expenses; and creating reports.

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  • Card Liability Options and Protection

    American Express offers Combined and Corporate liability options. Combined liability ensures your Company is only liable for business charges, while personal charges are the responsibility of the employee. With Corporate liability the Company is liable for all charges incurred. However, the Company and Card Members are not liable for any unauthorised use of the Card.

  • Flexible Spending Limits

    Your Company can request that spending limits be set for individual Card Members for total expenditure each month or by individual transaction. Spending limits provide a high degree of reassurance and comfort.

  • Select Your Billing and Payment Options

    American Express offers a variety of billing and payment options to coordinate with your Company’s payroll periods or reimbursement schedules. You can choose to track and manage payments with individual or central billing and statements.

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  • Access Your Account Virtually Anytime, Anywhere

    The Amex Mobile app makes it easy for you to manage your Corporate Card account, virtually anytime, anywhere. Combined with the Online Services account, the app enables you to conveniently view transactions, verify charges digitally and make payments. Available on iOS and mobile web platforms.

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  • Hassle-Free Expense Management

    Save time, with the American Express and Concur ExpenseIT® app. Once a business purchase is made with your Corporate Card, American Express will remind you to capture a photo of your receipt with ExpenseIT, helping to simplify reporting. Available on the iOS and Android platforms.

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  • Manage Your Itinerary & Maximise Benefits

    The American Express integration with TripCase® allows you to seamlessly manage your travel plans whilst on the move and embeds your Corporate Card benefits in your TripCase itineraries, so you don't miss an opportunity to use a benefit.

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  • Your guide to business travel

    Vicinity by American Express puts you in the know wherever your business takes you. Vicinity helps you locate accommodation, dining options and ATMs across Australia, the US and the UK that warmly welcome your Corporate Card.

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  • Business Travel Accident Insurance

    When you use your Card to purchase Common Carrier travel tickets, you’ll receive Business Travel Accident Insurance of up to $150,000, which protects for loss of life while travelling on business trips booked using the Card (including travel by taxi).