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Features & Benefits

Streamline Purchasing Processes

The Purchasing Card can help you simplify purchasing processes by consolidating expenses into one easy payment. Benefits include:

  • Reduced purchasing costs
  • Improved control over your purchasing procedures
  • Simplified data management and regulatory compliance processes
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improve cash flow management and working capital

Manage How, When and Where Employees Spend

With the American Express Purchasing Card, you can protect against out-of-policy spend and fraud, whilst reducing approval process periods with customised purchasing controls. You can maintain and set spending limits by transaction or per month, and set variable spending limits to ensure that unforeseen charges do not prevent your employees from completing transactions.

Improve Buying Power

Accurate purchasing and spending information places you in a stronger negotiating position with suppliers. Consolidating your spend with fewer suppliers could greatly increase your ability to take advantage of discounts from existing contracts.

Automate Reconciliation

American Express @ Work® Corporate Account Reconciliation is an easy-to-implement, web-based solution designed to:

  • Automate your entire reconciliation process
  • Increase control and accuracy of accounting and cost allocations
  • Post transactions daily and save time
  • Transition your company to a low-cost process that offers tremendous efficiencies

Expert Consultants at Your Service

Our purchasing and procurement consultants provide expertise to help you identify re-engineering opportunities and assist you with the implementation of your program to achieve maximum cost savings.

Access Accurate Data for Better Reporting

Our exclusive, closed-network operating structure lets us capture enhanced data at the point-of-sale. This ensures the integrity of data from sale to report delivery.

Gain Procurement Program Efficiencies

American Express has direct relationships not only with our Card Members and customers, but also with merchants who accept American Express. This enables us to maintain an extensive database of supplier and point-of-sale data that can help you manage your procurement program more efficiently.

Improve Cash Flow Management and Working Capital

The American Express Purchasing Card can help you manage cash flow by extending float for up to 44 days. With the Purchasing Card, you can accelerate payments while extending Days Payable Outstanding (DPO).