April 2018

Payment Simplification and Process Efficiency

3 minute read

Learn about the values gained from the American Express® Buyer Initiated Payments (BIP) program, and how changing trends in the telecommunications landscape drove a successful collaboration between American Express and Rogers Communications.

The telecommunications industry continually powers innovative business tools. New technology, such as video conferencing, mobile health applications, remote monitoring, and data analytic software not only enrich our lives, but transform the way we work.

Rogers and other Canadian telecom providers deliver the internet to 90 percent of Canadians and phone service to virtually the entire country through a combination of landlines and mobile networks. Keeping these customers happy is a formidable challenge. It means working with thousands of vendors, multiple financial institutions, and dynamic processes to ensure business moves forward without sacrificing customer service excellence.

This need for constant improvement in a fast-paced environment gives Rogers an acute perspective on the value of collaboration. By working with American Express, an industry leader that shares Rogers’ philosophy of excellence and understands its business, the telecommunications/media giant was able to improve the efficiency of its Accounts Payable department.