July 2019

4 Ways to Boost Efficiencies Through Video

5 minute read

The power of video extends beyond marketing strategy. Here's how small business owners can use video to boost efficiencies in the workplace.

It's no secret that video serves as a powerful tool in helping grow a business. On the marketing front, creating visual shareable content can attract and engage customers on a large scale. And using video to help run a more efficient business—and help with your bottom line—should not be overlooked.

Here are four ways integrating video into your company can boost efficiencies.

1. Onboarding and orientation

From day one of an employee's journey with your company, things like your company culture, principles and philosophies can be expressed clearly and effectively through video. The man hours that can be saved in onboarding new employees to your small business in this manner is immense. By creating on-demand videos that can be viewed anytime, you save your human resources (HR) department valuable hours in providing group orientations and enable consistencies. Work with your HR personnel, team leads and managers to determine which aspects of onboarding and training could be more efficiently conveyed through video. Plus, your company messaging can be more consistent through video modules.

2. Workplace learning

Likewise, e-learning video modules that employees can complete in the office in lieu of on-site, instructor-based training is an additional perk of video technology. Your employees will be able to break down training and education in shorter segments. That means they won't have to block out longer periods of time on the job dedicated solely to learning.

Your workers will be able to pick and choose learning modules based on need and timeliness. Plus, e-learning can cut down on travel and lodging costs. If your company operates out of different offices, implementing video-based learning could be an efficient way to conduct training sessions or establish company-wide town hall sessions or quarterly updates.

Research reveals that corporations save between 50-70% when they replace instructor-based training with e-learning.1 When rolling out instructional video modules, choose a couple of videos that would be simple to create, yet be the most beneficial to your employees.

3. Videoconferencing

Conducting meetings and group calls over video conferencing can come in particularly handy when you have a team made up of both remote and on-site employees, or among employees working in different locales.

Video conferencing can cut meeting times in half, deepen engagement among remote meeting attendees and improve communication. Plus, videoconferencing offers the ability to pass along information and problem-solve through screen-sharing.

Messages can get lost through email, messaging and talking on the phone. When meeting over video conference, team members can pick up on valuable non-verbal cues. Plus, with the handful of free video conferencing tools on the market, it could cut down on the costs of running your business.

4. Get and offer feedback

Employees can use video to get feedback from both peers and managers. For instance, if granted consent, you can video-record those who have customer-facing positions, such as in sales or customer service, and offer personalized audits. Or, instead of drafting written evaluations, consider delivering reviews through a video format.

According to research, employees are 75 % more likely to watch a video than read through emails, documents or articles found on the web.2 By providing information or a review through video, your employees will have access to audits and evaluations that can be reviewed at their leisure and in digestible chunks.

Small businesses can tap into the power and impact of digital technology such as video to streamline operations and increase employee engagement, which in turn could mean time and money saved on overhead costs. To tap in to the full capabilities of video for your business, explore different ways to integrate it into the processes and protocols for your company.

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