Terms and Conditions

  1. As a Charge Card, the balance must always be paid in full each month in which no interest charges will apply. The interest free grace period is 28, 29, 30 or 31 days from the closing date of the current statement to the closing date of the next statement depending on the number of days in the calendar month in which the closing date occurs. The number of interest free days varies based on a variety of factors, including when charges are posted to your account, whether your account is in good standing, and the closing date of your statement.
  2. No pre-set spending limit on purchases does not mean unlimited spending. Your purchases are approved based on a variety of factors, including your credit record, account history and personal resources. Proof of resources and security may be required.
  3. You can redeem Membership Rewards points for a statement credit towards an Eligible Purchase charged to an Eligible Card. You must redeem a minimum of 1,000 points per redemption. Redemption rates may vary by Eligible Card. Statement credits on your Card Account should not exceed the aggregate amount of the Eligible Purchase(s) on your Eligible Card. If an otherwise Eligible Purchase participates in the American Express Installment Program, only the amount billed each month will be counted as an Eligible Purchase. You can register for online services to view your Eligible Purchases and to redeem online. Only Eligible Purchases posted to your Card Account during the last 3 months, up to 150 most recent Eligible Purchases will be displayed for redemption. If you wish to redeem points towards an Eligible Purchase within the last 12 months that is not displayed online, please contact us at the number listed on the back of your Card. For full Membership Rewards Program Terms and Conditions, visit membershiprewards.ca or call 1-888-721-1046.
  4. N/A
  5. Membership Rewards points can be redeemed for gift cards, certificates and other merchandise. The gift card or certificate is subject to the Terms and Conditions indicated on the reward. For full Membership Rewards Terms & Conditions, visit membershiprewards.ca or call 1-800-668-2639.
  6. You can choose to use your Membership Rewards points to purchase eligible items at Amazon.ca. By signing up for the Amazon Shop with Points program, you accept the terms and conditions of the program outlined on amazon.ca/membershiprewards. Membership Rewards Terms and Conditionsalso apply and are available at membershiprewards.ca or at www.americanexpress.ca/corporateMRterms for Corporate Membership Rewards Program Owners.Amazon, the Amazon.ca logo and the smile logo are trademarks of Amazon or its affiliates.
  7. Membership Rewards points are accepted as payment for a wide range of travel options through American Express Travel Services. Membership Rewards points can be used to pay for new travel purchases, including taxes and surcharges. Membership Rewards points are not refundable. Membership Rewards points have no cash value. Travel selections are based on available space and are subject to terms and conditions of travel suppliers. For car rental companies and hotels that do not accept prepaid bookings, contact American Express Travel Services at 1-800-668-9147 or (416) 868-1888 for details about how you can use your Membership Rewards points. In order to redeem points for any travel booking, the Membership Rewards Program account must be active and the Card must be in good standing.If a transaction is eligible for participation in the American Express Installment Program and you also redeem points for that transaction, the Installment Program will take precedence and the credit will apply to your account in the regular course. This could result in you having a credit balance on your account. If you want to reduce the credit balance you can remove the transaction from the Installment Program. See Installment Program terms and conditions for details.Bookings are also subject to American Express Travel Terms and Conditions. To view these please visit americanexpress.ca/termsandconditions.
  8. Points transfer ratios vary by participant and transfers can take up to 5 days. Other terms apply.Visit membershiprewards.ca for details. For full Membership Rewards Program Terms and Conditions, visit membershiprewards.ca or call 1-888-721-1046.

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