American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card

American Express® AeroplanPlus®* Corporate Card

Your Business Travel,
Now More Rewarding

The American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card provides service and rewards on the go.


That Takes Service and Rewards to New Heights

When you travel on business with your American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card, you can expect nothing less than exceptional service that meets the demanding requirements of the frequent business traveller. That’s everywhere you go, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Card Benefits

What You Can Expect With Your Corporate Card


  • Travel Emergency Assistance1

    If you should need an emergency medical or legal referral while travelling on business, you can call the 24-Hour Travel Emergency Assistance. Representatives can refer you to lawyers, doctors, opticians, pharmacists and hospitals. If you unexpectedly get called to a meeting in another country, we can get you travel information fast, including visa and customs regulations or inoculation requirements. The service is included with your Card, however any resulting costs will be your responsibility.


    Contact info: 1-800-678-5523 in Canada and the U.S. or collect at 1-514-285-8165 when travelling abroad.

Rewards & Savings

  • Air Canada Cash Back Loyalty Program2

    When employees fly with the American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card, your company can earn up to 4% Cash Back annually from Air Canada on eligible purchases of Air Canada flights and Flight Passes. To find out more about the Air Canada Cash Back Loyalty Program, contact your Program Administrator or call

  • Earn Aeroplan®* Miles on Business Expenses

    Make the most of your business purchases and earn Aeroplan Miles in your personal Aeroplan®* Account4. Whenever you use the American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card to charge company expenses – from travel to business meals to supplies – you’ll be eligible to earn 1 Aeroplan Mile for every $2 of purchases charged to your AeroplanPlus Corporate Card.

  • Aeroplan Miles Upgrade Program

    Earn even more Aeroplan Miles on your business expenses. When you sign up for the Aeroplan Miles Upgrade Program, you can double the Aeroplan Miles earned on your eligible purchases. This special upgrade option allows you to earn 1 Aeroplan Mile for every $1 of purchases charged to your American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card. Double your Aeroplan Miles for an additional annual fee. To upgrade today, call 1-800-716-6661.

  • Earn Aeroplan Miles Twice With Aeroplan Partners

    When you use your American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card to pay for business travel on Air Canada or any other Star AllianceTM carrier, be sure to also provide your Aeroplan Number when booking. Not only will you earn Aeroplan Miles by providing your Aeroplan Number when purchasing your ticket, you'll also earn miles by paying with your Card.

  • American Express Invites®

    Say hello to American Express Invites. It opens the door to memorable experiences we think you’ll love. It’s your table at the restaurant everyone is talking about. Your chance to get tickets to some of the hottest concerts through Front Of The Line®5. Or to reserve your seat at the next big blockbuster. It’s your invitation to the latest must-see productions. Your chance to say "I was there".

    For more information, visit

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Service & Support

  • Express Cash

    Express Cash6 offers managed access to cash for travel emergencies and incidentals. If eligible, you can conveniently obtain cash for out-of-pocket business expenses using a network of more than 900,000 ATMs located in airports, hotels and shopping complexes around the world.

    Download Express Cash Agreement
  • Dedicated Customer Service

    Professional customer assistance is always just a phone call away. So whether you have billing inquiries, emergency replacement Card requests or need information or access to a Card benefit or service, we’re ready and able to provide the support you need.

  • Flexible Spending Limits

    If you need to extend a business trip by a couple of weeks or pay for unexpected business entertainment costs, no problem. The Corporate Card gives you the flexibility and confidence of having no pre-set spending limit7. Your purchases are approved based on your past spending and payment patterns, and other factors.

  • Emergency Card Replacement

    If you discover your wallet and Card are missing, just call us through our toll-free number. A replacement Card will be issued and in your hands within 48 business hours in cases of emergency. If you are in a remote area, arrangements can usually be made to have your Card waiting at some point along your itinerary.

  • Online Account Management

    Having signed up to Online Account Management, you can make payments, view statements and complete expense reports 24/7, anywhere Internet access is available. Or, access your account on the go via the Amex mobile app.

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    Download the Amex App

Insurance & Coverage

  • Flight and Baggage Delay Insurance8

    When you fully charge your airline tickets to your American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card, you can receive up to $500 coverage for all reasonable and necessary hotel, motel or restaurant expenses when you are delayed or denied boarding more than four hours. Or, when your baggage on your outbound trip is delayed more than six hours, you can receive up to $500 for all immediate daily necessary and reasonable emergency purchases made within four days for essential clothing and sundry items.

  • Hotel/Motel Burglary Insurance9

    Automatic coverage of up to $500 against the loss of most personal items (excluding cash) if your hotel or motel room is burglarized. Coverage is in effect as long as you have fully booked and paid for your accommodations with your American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card.

  • Car Rental Theft and Damage Insurance10

    When you fully charge a car rental to the American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card, and where allowed by law, you will be automatically covered by Car Rental Theft & Damage Insurance for damage or theft on many rental cars up to the full value of the rental car. Take advantage of this coverage simply decline the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) or similar option offered to you by the car rental company, and fully charge your rental to the American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card. There is no additional charge for this coverage and you save the daily LDW fee (usually $16-$23 per day) charged by the car rental company.

  • Business Travel Accident Insurance11

    Every time you travel on business on a common carrier (plane, train, bus or ship) and charge your tickets to the Card, you’re automatically insured with up to $500,000 of accidental death and dismemberment insurance through your Travel Accident Insurance policy. If your company policy allows, use the card to book tickets for your spouse or dependent children (under age 23) and they will also be automatically covered when accompanying you on your business trip.


    Travel with confidence by complementing your travel coverage with one of these insurance packages:

    • Basic Travel & Medical Plan – if you are just looking for out-of-province emergency medical insurance
    • Essential Travel & Medical Plan – If you need out-of-province emergency medical insurance plus trip interruption/after departure insurance, trip delay insurance, baggage and personal effects insurance, and flight and travel accident
    • Select Travel Plan – if you already have out-of-province emergency medical insurance and need coverage for non-medical situations such as trip cancellation and trip interruption, trip delay, baggage and personal effects as well as flight and travel accident.
    • Ultimate Travel & Medical Plan – if you need the most comprehensive coverage with features such as out-of-province emergency medical insurance, trip cancellation insurance, trip interruption insurance, trip delay insurance, baggage and personal effects insurance, and flight and travel accident insurance.

    To get a quote and to enroll, visit or call the Travel Insurance Enrollment Centre at 1-866-587-1029.


    ®: Used by Amex Bank of Canada under license from American Express.

    ®*: Aeroplan and AeroplanPlus are registered trademarks of Aeroplan Inc.

    ®**: Jazz, Executive First and Executive Class are registered trademarks of Air Canada.

American Express®AeroplanPlus®
Corporate Cardmember
Benefit Terms

1. Travel Emergency Assistance: All Services associated with Travel Emergency Assistance are provided worldwide with the exception of some countries (it is best to check with Customer Service). In addition, services may be limited or prevented by acts of God, war, civil commotion, labour disputes, unavailability of goods and services or refusal of permissions by local authorities.

2. Air Canada Cash Back Loyalty Program:Companies are eligible to receive Cash Back on the purchase of eligible Air Canada flights charged to the American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card, as per the following rules:
(a) Companies must spend a minimum of $20,000 on flight bookings for travel on Air Canada, Air Canada rouge or on carriers operating under the Air Canada Express banner, regardless of fare option or booking class. Flight bookings with Air Canada’s codeshare or interline partners are not included in the calculation of the amount spent on flight bookings;
(b) The amount spent on a flight booking is equivalent to the base fare, exclusive of all taxes, surcharges and any additional fees (such as travel option charges), and is calculated once the flight has been completed;
(c) Flight Pass purchases can also be included in the calculation of the amount spent on flights bookings. The calculation will be based on the amount of the Flight Pass purchase charged on the American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card (minus any Flight Pass credits and returns); and
(d) Companies with Air Canada contracted and/or negotiated fare rates are not eligible for this Cash Back offer.

4. Aeroplan Miles: Account must be in good standing. Aeroplan Miles will be earned on the amount of all purchases less credits and returns. Finance charges, annual fees, other fees and charges for travellers cheques and foreign currencies are not purchases and do not qualify for Aeroplan Miles.

5. Front of the Line: Purchase must be charged in full to an American Express Card. Subject to availability and to event and ticketing terms, restrictions, verification procedures and fees.  Tickets and packages may not be transferable and should not be resold. No refunds and no exchanges subject to merchant's obligations under applicable law.

6. Corporate Express Cash Service: After Company registers for this service, Cardmembers must then enroll individually with American Express. In addition, proof of identity to comply with government requirements may be required. Cardmembers will be informed via post when they have been enrolled and will be supplied with a PIN.

7. Spending Limits: American Express reserves the right to refuse to authorize any charge. Some Corporate Cards may carry specific usage guidelines and limits at the request of your company or at the discretion of American Express.

Note: All Insurance coverages are subject to the terms and conditions of their respective Master Policies. Certain limitations, exclusions and restrictions apply. Please read Certificates of Insurance carefully.

8. Flight & Baggage Delay Insurance: Underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada.

9. Hotel/Motel Burglary Insurance: Underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada.

10. Car Rental Theft and Damage Insurance: Underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada. Coverage is in effect as long as you have fully charged your rental to your American Express Corporate Card. There are specific conditions that apply to who may rent and drive the rental vehicle, the length of the rental(s) and the type of vehicle covered.

11. Business Travel Accident Insurance: Underwritten by Chubb Insurance Group of Canada (a member company of the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies). Under Master policy #6477-4608.

12. AMEX Travel Insurance: AMEX Travel Insurance™ is optional group travel insurance underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Company of Canada. All insurance coverage is subject to the terms and conditions of the Group Policy issued to Amex Bank of Canada and the applicable limitations and exclusions described in the Certificate of Insurance issued upon enrollment.