Cardmember Account
Management Tools

American Express® Corporate Card account management tools enable you to easily view your account, pay bills and stay on top of your Card details.

Online Services

Manage Your Card Account

Manage Your Card Account is a secure online Cardmember servicing tool from American Express, that provides you with account information and online billing statements, current and past statements, Account Alerts and more. It enables quick and easy review and reconciliation of your Corporate Card charges. With Manage Your Card Account, you can:

  • View, download and print billing statements online and access detailed account activity
  • Register for text or email Account Alerts to receive balance, payment received and payment reminders updates
  • View present and past account summary details, as well as previously archived statements
  • Download statement details in .CSV or .QIF format for use with spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft® Excel or Quicken
  • Complete and download a Standard Expense Report (SER) for billed and unbilled charges

Log in or Create an Online account

The Amex App is also available:
Download the Amex App

Online-Only Statements

If you’re like many Corporate Cardmembers, you’re always on the go and need tools that help make business management more efficient. That’s why American Express introduced Online-Only Statements. With this service you can:

  • Receive your statement faster and more securely than through paper statements
  • Download your monthly expense data into many accounting programs for easier expense tracking

You must register for Online-Only Statements to access your monthly billing statement online and receive a monthly email to remind you that your statement is ready to view.

Registering for Online-Only Statements

For new users:

  • Visit and follow the instructions on each screen until you have received confirmation that you successfully registered your account for Online Services and the Online-Only Statement delivery option.

For existing users:

  • Log into your account and click on the Online-Only Statement link within the Profiles & Preferences tab at the top of the screen. Follow the instructions to set up Paperless (Online-Only Statements) with statement ready e-mail notification. Input your e-mail address (if blank), or validate the current e-mail address provided.

Stay up to date with Account Alerts*

Account Alerts is a free service that helps you keep track of key Account information while on the go. You can enroll in e-mail and/or text message Account Alerts or customize or change your preferences for any Alerts you may already be receiving*. Here are our applicable account alerts:

  • Payment Due Reminder can help you to avoid missing a payment
  • Payment Received can help you feel at ease as it notifies you that we have received your latest payment
  • Balance Update can help you feel in control by providing weekly reminders of your balance at your preferred date and time

To create or update your Account Alert preferences, log in to Manage Your Card Account.

*This service is only available with select mobile phone service providers. Details are available within Online Services on the Account Alert Preferences page. Your mobile phone service provider may apply fees to incoming text messages. Please contact your provider for further details.