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    Outlook on Economic Growth

    The 2017 Global Business and Spending Survey

    Despite ever-changing market conditions, Canadian finance executives are more optimistic about their company's growth than their global counterparts. See what they had to say!

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    2017 Small & Medium Enterprise Outlook

    This complimentary webinar offers insight into key industry trends, challenges and opportunities for small and medium size enterprises. Join Kristine Tsaousidis, VP of SME at American Express, Jay Klein, Founder & CEO of The PUR Company Inc. and Nicole Verkindt Founder of OMX for a discussion surrounding the economic outlook for 2017.

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    Fuel Growth with Positive Cash Flow

    "Profit is sanity but cash is king"

    CFERF, in partnership with American Express, recently conducted a survey across Canada to better understand business priorities and the place cash management and payments hold within those priorities.

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    The Well Connected Treasurer - Building value through relationships

    Take a look at a report that explores how treasurers are using relationships to increase spend visibility and obtain higher-quality data. Today, treasurers have a chance to be much more strategic than in the past.

    Now, Treasurers are able to devote more attention to how their companies use both bank and non-bank systems, reassess payment strategies and instill discipline in the use of cash. These developments have created an opportunity for savvy treasurers to play a more strategic role, especially for the growing number that recognize the importance of the new data that’s available and the power of relationships.

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    Challenges to cash flow in the construction industry

    Implementing cultural change and modernization in a complex industry

    “Cash is king” in the construction industry, and that will remain the case, especially if we consider its constant need to finance large projects, withstand long collections cycles and manage cost overruns. Not only that, but construction also requires substantial investment to enable growth and modernization in an ever-competitive environment.

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