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  • Payment Simplification & Process Efficiency Card Benefits and Digital Tools

    Payment Simplification & Process Efficiency

    Examine the value gained through the American Express® Buyer Initiated Payments (BIP) program, and how changing trends in the telecommunications landscape drove the successful co-operation between American Express, a global leader in B2B payments, and a multi-national company like Rogers Communications.

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  • Amex_PA_vPayment_E_thumbnail_660x370 Card Benefits and Digital Tools

    When expenses match up, everything falls into place.

    Introducing American Express vPAYMENT, a new digital payment solution that assigns a specific-use virtual account number to each transaction. Authorized users are able to set parameters to control spend and reduce errors which automates your back-end reconciliation process. This translates into a simple and efficient process because the heavy lifting is done for you.

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    Take part in our on demand webinar, unveiling the details of how vPAYMENT works and what it means for your business!

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    Note: Recording is in English only

    Duration: 45 mins, including a recorded Q&A with our business experts!

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  • Amex_Digita_Wallets_thumbnail_660x439 Card Benefits and Digital Tools

    Digital Wallets with American Express are easy to use, secure and convenient!

    Enjoy the benefits of your American Express® Card when you choose to pay with any of these digital wallets:

    Amex App

    Apple Pay

    Android Pay
  • While you may be guarded about this year’s economic status, Canadian middle market companies remain optimistic! Card Benefits and Digital Tools

    Lunch Meeting? Client Dinner?

    More local restaurants are accepting your American Express® Corporate Card and we wanted to let you know where you can use your Card to support small businesses on your next business outing.

    Click to view the Shop Small Map®

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  • Card Benefits and Digital Tools

    Online Card Account Management is easier than ever.

    We’ve constructed a better online experience to make it even easier for you and your Corporate Cardmembers to view card account balances, recent transactions, card benefits, and much more! Check out the newly enhanced Summary of Accounts page, available now by logging into your online card account. Click “GO” below or bookmark this page for quick access:

    Not Registered? Create a new Online Account today by visiting