Did you know? Your employees have a range of benefits included on their Corporate Cards.

• Express Cash

Express Cash1 offers managed access to cash for travel emergencies and incidentals. If eligible, you can conveniently obtain cash for out-of-pocket business expenses using a network of more than 900,000 ATMs located in airports, hotels and shopping complexes around the world.

• Flexible Spending Limits

If you need to extend a business trip by a couple of weeks or pay for unexpected business entertainment costs, no problem. The Corporate Card gives you the flexibility and confidence of having no pre-set spending limit2. Your purchases are approved based on your past spending and payment patterns, and other factors.

• Dedicated Customer Service

Professional customer assistance is always just a phone call away. So whether you have billing inquires, emergency replacement Card requests or need information or access to a Card benefit or service, we’re ready and able to provide the support you need.

• Emergency Card Replacement

If you discover your Card is missing, just call us through our toll-free number. A replacement Card will be issued and in your hands within 48 business hours in cases of emergency. If you are in a remote area, arrangements can usually be made to have your Card waiting at some point along your itinerary.

• Online Account Management

Having signed up to Online Account Management, you can make payments, view statements, complete expense reports and manage your Membership Rewards 24/7, anywhere Internet access is available. Or, access your account on-the-go via the Amex mobile app.

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Encourage your employees to take a look and understand all of the benefits and services available to them.

1 Express Cash Service: After the company registers for this service, Cardmembers must then enroll individually with American Express. In addition, proof of identity may be required. Cardmembers will be informed via post when they have been enrolled and will be supplied with a PIN.

2 Spending Limits: American Express reserves the right to refuse to authorize any charge. Some Corporate Cards may carry specific usage guidelines and limits at the request of your company or at the discretion of American Express.