Do your employees know?

Do your employees know? They have access to a wide range of benefits through their American Express Corporate Card. Take a look!

Membership Rewards®

If your Company allows participation in the Membership Rewards1 Program, it is an exceptional points program that allows the employee to benefit from virtually all business spend charged to enrolled Cards. Chose from a premium line-up of reward choices to turn those points into tangible business savings or luxurious vacations. Calculate how much Membership Rewards could save you.

Corporate Membership Rewards®

Our Corporate Membership Rewards2 program allows you to consolidate the points earned across multiple enrolled Cards into one account. Corporate Membership Rewards points can then be redeemed for company-level benefits that save your business money.

American Express Invites®

Say hello to American Express Invites. It opens the door to memorable experiences we think you’ll love. It’s your table at the restaurant everyone is talking about. Your chance to get tickets to some of the hottest concerts through Front Of The Line®3 or to reserve your seat at the next big blockbuster. It’s your invitation to the latest must-see productions. Your chance to say “I was there”.

Encourage your employees to view the American Express site, to understand all the benefits and services that their Corporate Card provides them.

To compare your Corporate Card to the other corporate cards we offer, go to:

1. Membership Rewards: Earn one point for virtually every dollar charged on eligible, enrolled American Express® Corporate Cards. In the case of a Corporate Card, participation in the Membership Rewards program is subject to the approval of the Company or other entity in whose name the Corporate Card account is opened. In order to participate and before any points can be earned, the Cardmember must first enroll in the program (except for the American Express Corporate Platinum Card which, if Company approval is given, is automatically enrolled in the Program). The Company or other entity may also cancel participation in the Program at any time. Rewards are subject to availability and restrictions may apply as to when the reward can be redeemed. Amex Bank of Canada reserves the right to terminate the program with three (3) months prior notice. Items submitted to us or recognized by our systems as being purchases or charges for travellers cheques or foreign currencies, cash advances, balance transfers, Amex Cheques, Express Cash transactions, annual fees, finance charges and/or other fees or charges are not eligible to earn points. Redeemed rewards are not refundable, exchangeable, replaceable or transferable for cash or credit. Amex Bank of Canada reserves the right to change the Program Terms and Conditions, including without limitation assignment and reassignment of tiers and associated rights, at any time without notice. To cancel enrollment in the Membership Rewards program at any time, please call 1-800-716-6661. Please visit or call 1-800-716-6661 for more information, for current annual fees or for full Membership Rewards Terms and Conditions.

2. Corporate Membership Rewards: Enrollment is limited to one Rewards Program for each Corporate Cardmember. The Corporate Card Account is the only Corporate Account eligible for enrollment in a Rewards Program.