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  • While you may be guarded about this year’s economic status, Canadian middle market companies remain optimistic! The New Business Traveller

    Tap into travel trends

    KEY HIGHLIGHTS from the GBTA Business Traveler Sentiment Index™ Global Report (January 2017) in partnership with American Express include... Read More
  • The New Business Traveller

    Increasing Business Traveler satisfaction and productivity while on the road

    From Wi-Fi to mobile apps, technology is changing how business travelers worldwide get work done, get around and stay productive when they’re on the road, according to the first-ever Business Traveler Sentiment Index Global Report from the Global Business Travel Association in partnership with American Express.

    Read on for more report highlights and insights to help your company drive satisfaction and productivity with your business travelers.

  • Amex_PA_eNewsletter_SummerEdition_GBTA_394x183 The New Business Traveller

    The GBTA Business Traveler Sentiment Index™ Global Report, in partnership with American Express, is out – Find out how your employees feel about their business travel experiences!

    The GBTA Business Traveler Sentiment Index™ Global Report, in partnership with American Express, aims to understand how business travelers feel about their travel experiences and how those feelings affect their travel behaviors.

    Key highlights from the 2016 report reflect:

    • Some companies are allowing employees to use car-sharing or home-sharing services when they travel for work. However, more than one in five business travellers are not aware their companies allow such service.

    • Mobile devices, apps, and social networks are relied upon business travel tools

    • One-half of business travellers use flying time as downtime

    The survey results are in - check them out for yourself and hear what employees have to say!

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