Tap into travel trends

KEY HIGHLIGHTS from the GBTA Business Traveler Sentiment Index™ Global Report (January 2017) in partnership with American Express include:
  • Ride-sharing services, such as Uber and Lyft, are now covered by one-half (50%) of corporate travel policies worldwide.
  • Social media seems to be more important than ever for business travelers, with more than one-half (54%) now using social networking sites at least once a day. Employees in Hong Kong (81%) and Mexico (79%) are the most likely to use social media during work trips.
  • Some business travelers find it hard to stick to an exercise routine on the road. Only 39% of people who exercise regularly keep a consistent workout schedule while traveling. Millennials exercise every, or almost every, trip (46%), compared to GenXers (41%) and Boomers (38%).
  • Travelers remain confident regarding the financial health of their employers (60%), but less so on their industries (52%) or the overall economy (36%). Attitudes also vary widely by country or territory.
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