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Rewards Programs

Membership Rewards® Program1

When your employees consistently use their American Express® Corporate Card to pay for business purchases, your expense management program works to its greatest potential. One powerful way to encourage your employees to use their Corporate Card is to give them the choice to enroll in Membership Rewards. They can earn points for virtually all business spending charged to the Card, redeemable for gift cards, merchandise, air travel, hotel stays and more.

For more information, contact your American Express Representative, call 1-800-716-6661 or visit

Corporate Membership Rewards® from American Express

Corporate Membership Rewards is an innovative points program that enables your company to generate tangible business benefits directly from points earned through everyday business spend on eligible Corporate Cards. Once enrolled in the program, your company can:

  • Earn points for all eligible purchases billed across multiple Corporate Cards enrolled in a Corporate Membership Rewards account
  • Spend points to redeem for company level benefits, like business products, gift cards, travel or statement credits
  • Administer with ease since all points are consolidated into a single program account  

To enroll or for more information, contact your American Express Representative or call

American Express® AeroplanPlus®* Corporate Card Program2

When you choose the American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card program for your company, you’re choosing the only Corporate Card that rewards your employees with Aeroplan®* Miles. Employees simply use their Cards to pay their business expenses—like air travel, cell phone bills, car rentals and hotels—and the rewards can quickly add up. It’s a constant reminder of how much you value their contributions. The rewards also help ensure compliance to your Corporate Card program by encouraging employees to use their company issued card rather than their personal card. Provide employees with exclusive benefits and services, including:

  • Aeroplan Miles on every dollar of business expenses charged to the Card
  • Premium travel benefits for AeroplanPlus Corporate Platinum Cardmembers
  • Automatic travel insurance coverage and worldwide support for travel peace of mind

See how fast Aeroplan Miles can add up: Calculate Your Miles

To learn more about the American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card program, contact your American Express Representative or call

Cash Back Programs

Air Canada Cash Back3

When employees fly with the American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card, your company can earn up to 4% cash back annually from Air Canada on eligible purchases of Air Canada flights and Flight Passes.

  • 2% Cash Back on company eligible purchases from $20,000 - $150,000 (from $400 - $3,000 earning potential)
  • 3% Cash Back on company eligible purchases from $150,001 - $300,000 (from $4,500 - $9,000 earning potential)
  • 4% Cash Back on company eligible purchases from $300,001 - $500,000 (from $12,000 - $20,000 earning potential)

Your company must have minimum annual Air Canada eligible purchases of $20,000 to qualify.

To learn more about the American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card program, contact your American Express Representative or call

Entertainment Access

American Express Invites®

Say hello to American Express Invites. It opens the door to memorable experiences we think you’ll love. It’s your table at the restaurant everyone is talking about. Your chance to get tickets to some of the hottest concerts through Front Of The Line®4. Or to reserve your seat at the next big blockbuster. It’s your invitation to the latest must-see productions. Your chance to say "I was there".

  • Front Of The Line Advance Access
  • Front Of The Line Reserved Tickets
  • Front Of The Line E-Updates
  • Special Offers & Experiences for all Cardmembers
  • Special Access for all Cardmembers
  • Cardmembers can also redeem Membership Rewards for tickets online with Ticketmaster

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®, TM : Used by Amex Bank of Canada under license from American Express.

®*: Aeroplan and AeroplanPlus are registered trademarks of Aimia Canada Inc.

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Rewards & Savings
Benefit Terms

1. Membership Rewards: In the case of a Corporate Card, participation in the Membership Rewards program is subject to the approval of the Company or other entity in whose name the Corporate Card account is opened. In order to participate and before any points can be earned, the Cardmember must first enroll in the program (except for the American Express Corporate Platinum Card which, if Company approval is given, is automatically enrolled in the Program). The Company or other entity may also cancel participation in the Program at any time. Rewards are subject to availability and restrictions may apply as to when the reward can be redeemed. Amex Bank of Canada reserves the right to terminate the program with three (3) months prior notice. Items submitted to us or recognized by our systems as being purchases or charges for travellers cheques or foreign currencies, cash advances, balance transfers, Amex Cheques, Express Cash transactions, annual fees, finance charges and/or other fees or charges are not eligible to earn points. Redeemed rewards are not refundable, exchangeable, replaceable or transferable for cash or credit. Amex Bank of Canada reserves the right to change the Program Terms and Conditions, including without limitation, assignment and reassignment of tiers and associated rights, at any time without notice. To cancel enrollment in the Membership Rewards program at any time, please call 1-800-716-6661. Please visit or call 1-800-716-6661 for more information, for current annual fees or for full Membership Rewards Terms and Conditions.

2. Aeroplan Miles: Account must be in good standing. Aeroplan Miles will be earned on the amount of all purchases less credits and returns. Interest charges, annual fees, other fees and charges for travellers cheques and foreign currencies are not purchases and do not qualify for Aeroplan Miles.

3. Air Canada Cash Back: Minimum annual Air Canada eligible purchases of $20,000 required. Eligible Air Canada flights include ALL fare options and booking classes and are calculated on actual flights taken. Eligible Air Canada Flight Pass purchases are calculated on the amount of all eligible Flight Pass purchases less any Flight Pass credits and returns charged on the American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Card. Companies with Air Canada contracted and/or negotiated fare rates will not be eligible for this Cash Back. Other terms and conditions apply.

4. Front Of The Line: Purchase must be charged in full to an American Express Card issued by Amex Bank of Canada. Subject to availability and to event and ticketing agent terms, conditions and fees. Not all seats are available. All sales are final. No refunds. No exchanges.