Successful Partnership

“It’s the Partners who think innovatively and push us who are more successful.”

Ongoing engagement is the key to success in the Partners Plus program. If you work closely with your local American Express representative, you’ll have a bigger win rate as you target key prospects and make warm introductions.

Here are some best practices for partnership with American Express:

  • Understand your clients’ needs and be able to articulate the value of American Express Corporate Card solutions
  • Keep the message simple – don’t oversell our products. Let American Express do the heavy lifting on the sell
  • Concentrate on the overall value American Express Corporate Card solutions can bring for streamlining processes and offering benefits
  • Remember that our most successful partners typically meet with their American Express representative at least quarterly. This is not a requirement, but regular meetings with a rep give partners an opportunity to discuss strategies and best practices, and to devise a plan of attack that keeps leads flowing
  • Share your ideas. If you have something you’d like to try, by all means let us know so we can help you succeed
  • Know what makes a good lead. Clients must have a sales revenue over $2 million to be eligible for a Corporate Card. For more information on what makes a strong lead, see the How It Works walk-through.
  • People who are highly engaged with their local American Express representative have a better understanding of the program and submit stronger leads.

“The main reason we refer clients to the American Express Corporate Card is because of the value it delivers to our clients’ operations.”