"I’ve profited substantially through Partners Plus, with very little time expended on my part. I may send emails or make a few phone calls, and occasionally will attend meetings with the reps. My main goal is simply to get the rep an audience with the right people. And when the rep closes the deal I’m paid a referral fee. How much better can it get?!"

Linda Elliott; Elliott Connection (consulting)

The Partners Plus team has been tremendous in tracking our leads from start to finish, and making sure that our company receives all the tools we need to follow up, so together we can both achieve higher success and revenue.

Jim Wicks; Zevez Corporation (software)

"Partners Plus turned out to be exactly what the name implied. They worked closely with us from the get-go and made it easy. It delivered beyond expectations not only for our organization but also for my member franchise new car dealers that chose to participate. Partners Plus was a slam dunk winner for us."

Rod Albert; Executive Director, Detroit Auto Dealers Association

“The main reason we refer clients to the American Express Corporate Card is because of the value it delivers to our clients’ operations.”