Why Choose American Express?

American Express Expense Management Solutions are powerful tools that allow your company to control employee spending, capture expense data, improve processing efficiency and drive savings to your bottom line. American Express offers leading business expense management solutions combined with outstanding rewards.

Whether your company is looking for ways to reduce costs or to optimize your cash flow, managing your business expenses with a solution from American Express can help.

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Accounts Payable is moving further and further away from paper, manual processes. Is it time for your company to tap into the efficiency and optimal controls that electronic and digital capabilities bring? American Express doesn’t just simply issue your company a Card. We work with your individual needs to achieve a corporate expense management solution that’s right for your company now, and in the future.

Why choose the advantages of American Express Corporate Cards over personal cards or cash?

Corporate Charge Card Advantages vs. Personal Credit Cards

When employees use personal credit cards for business expenses, they have to juggle corporate and personal expenses on a single card – often with limited credit access. A Corporate Card Solution from American Express lets you determine spending limits, liability options, so you’ll have more control over your business expenses. Plus, it’s far easier to track spending, manage expenses, and ensure employees are working with preferred suppliers.

Corporate Card Advantages vs. Cash

When you give employees cash, you’re relying exclusively on internal controls to regulate how employees are spending money and whether they’re returning unused funds. Our Card Solutions enable you to define clear spending policies and limits up front and to reimburse only company-approved expenditures. An expense management solution from American Express provides critical documentation for tax purposes, as well as for verifying the accuracy of transactions and minimizing or eliminating the risks associated with cash advances.

Corporate Card Advantages with American Express®

Business expense management and rewards for your business are at the core of all of our Card Solutions. From assisting with evolving from paper to EFT, to online reconciliation tools, to global payments capabilities, American Express provides service you can count on.

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®: Used by Amex Bank of Canada under license by American Express.