Whether you sell, service, create or consult, We’ve got you covered.

No matter what industry you’re in, the American Express Corporate or Business Card solutions have your back. Discover thousands of vendors and service providers who warmly welcome your Card in Hong Kong and around the world. Over 7,000 new places joined American Express across Hong Kong in 2019, that means you’ll enjoy even more savings and rewards whenever you buy office supplies, entertain clients, travel for business and more.

While every company has unique needs, we’ve prepared an overview of top vendors by category. Download the factsheet now and make the most of the Corporate or Business Card program.

Welcome your American Express® Corporate Card

As supplier categories vary among different industries, we’ve deep dived into selected industries to prepare a series of factsheets with practical data analysis. These factsheets cover key suppliers and spend categories specific to each industry, allowing you to benchmark your business against peers.