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  • Cash Flow Management

    Hong Kong CFOs Step Up in Future-Proofing for 2020

    American Express surveyed Hong Kong mid-sized companies for the second consecutive year in the CFO Future-Proofing Survey on how and what they will do to future-proof their businesses towards 2020.

  • Cash Flow Management

    Being at the crossroads creates payment challenges for Hong Kong businesses

    In order to capitalise on that currency situation a company needs an efficient, timely payment solution with the data capabilities to meet today’s increased regulatory and compliance requirements.

  • Cash Flow Management

    CFOs in HK still see Asia as powerhouse for growth and China is the key driver

    The American Express/CFO Research Global business and Spending Monitor 2016 reveals CFOs’ view towards Hong Kong’s economy and their investment appetite.

  • Cash Flow Management

    Hong Kong CFOs Balance Growth and Opportunity Under Modest Economic Outlook

    According to the eighth annual American Express/CFO Research Global Business and Spending Monitor 2015, the vast majority of Hong Kong businesses have moderated expectations for economic growth this year.

  • Cash Flow Management

    Changing How Businesses Control Costs

    You improve cashflow management because you always feel that someone else is shouldering responsibility. It buys you another month, which is very important.

  • Cash Flow Management

    Cards Overtake Cash to Become King

    The imperative in 21st-century business is to act quickly, whether in adopting new technology, dealing with customer enquiries or seizing new opportunities. But speed has to be accompanied by accountability and control.