5 Advantages of a business card:
How small businesses benefit when they graduate to a commercial payment solution

Many small Hong Kong businesses use personal credit cards rather than graduating to a commercial payment solution. However, American Express commercial payment solutions are suitable for all businesses, big and small, and they have significant advantages over a personal payment card.

You are the founder of a small business, and your personal American Express card has played a big role in your start-up. It’s a source of easy credit, makes international payments a simple task, and the rewards have helped you travel around the world to secure new clients, suppliers and build your business networks.

But now your company has reached a critical point of growth. You’ve hired more employees, you no longer do your accounting at the kitchen table, and you are embarking upon an ambitious expansion plan. Your employees are using their own personal credit cards for business, and the out of pocket claims are a burden on them. The growing volume of business demands higher credit limits. Still, you’ve never considered a commercial payment solution because you always thought they were only available to large corporations.

American Express commercial payment solutions are as well suited for small businesses as they are for large ones, creating better value, efficiency and control over spending that can help your company reach the next level.

5 Advantages of the American Express commercial payment solution:


Our payment solution portal @ Work® includes a powerful suite of data on your company’s spending habits. You can use that data to make your operations more efficient. This information also strengthens your bargaining position when you negotiate deals with regular suppliers, hotels, etc. @ Work also provides transparency on each transaction, giving you better control over your growing business.

2.Risk Management

Your company has grown beyond your personal financial liability, and therefore it no longer makes sense for you to personally carry the liability for card payments made on behalf of the business. A business card provides corporate liability or combined liability, where your employees are held liable for non-authorised purchases, creating greater security for you, your employees and your business.

3. Cash Flow Management

We help small businesses grow by providing the short-term credit they need to meet cash flow requirements. As your company grows, so do your credit limit, and our business card grants much higher credit limits than personal cards do. It provides up to 51 days* of free credit, based on the unique billing cycles that you can dictate.
* Actual credit-free period will vary based on the date of charge and the billing cycle cut-off date.

4. Flexible Rewards

It also provides greater flexibility in how you can use the rewards points earned with every purchase. With the American Express business card you can use your points to build loyalty with regular suppliers, hotels and your travel management company, helping you to grow.

5.Expert Support

American Express commercial account managers are experts on small business management in Hong Kong. They understand your challenges, and can help you find ways to improve your business processes. Our account managers are always available to provide a solution to your business needs.

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