5 Ways Your Account Manager Can Improve Your Business

The American Express Global Commercial Services comes with expense management tools, improved cash flow and many other financial benefits. But the most unique benefit of being our client is access to expert advice and assistance from your experienced account manager.

5 Ways Your Account Manager Can Improve Your Business

We want our clients to fully leverage the valuable skills, services and expertise our team offers. Account managers are your key portal to the broad range of services we provide, and we pride ourselves in maintaining an exceptionally low account manager-to-client ratio. That means they have more time to pay attention to you.

We offer you five ways in which our account managers can help improve your business:

1. A Good Start
The relationship begins with the partnership plan when you first become an American Express client. The more you tell your account manager, they better we can tailor the payment solution to suit your needs. With a full picture of your business strengths, pain points and needs, we can help you optimize your billing cycles to improve your cash conversion cycles, set up the most efficient settlement processes for you and help you implement American Express at the heart of your company’s treasury operations.

2. Expert Advice
American Express assigns account managers to clients based on the manager’s area of business expertise. Most of our managers have in-depth, multi-faceted experience within key industries, and they bring knowledge of how to deal with specific business challenges. Leverage your account manager the next time you need business advice.

3. Build Your Business-to-business (B2B) Network
Sometimes card members need help to get their overseas suppliers signed up as American Express merchants. Your account manager can arrange that, even when your suppliers are located in countries where your company does not have a representative. Our global network of representatives can help you solve any issues you may have within your B2B payment relationships, no matter how far away your partners may be.

4. Due Diligence
Regulatory compliance has become an important challenge for Small to Medium size business (SME) doing business in multiple currencies and across international borders. American Express helps your business remain compliant with complicated regulations because we do our own due diligence on each merchant. Part of this process is your account manager’s request to see the supplier invoice for the first payment to a new B2B partner, which helps us control risks for both you and the supplier.

5. Global Reach
American Express can give a small company based in Hong Kong the global reach it needs to generate growth. If you face challenges in an overseas payment process, your account manager is your first line of help. They will leverage the international network of American Express service experts to support your overseas transactions. We offer 24 hour service around the world, giving your small business global reach.

Your American Express account manager is one of your most valuable business partner. Call American Express today to better maximize your commercial payment solution.