Changing How Businesses Control Costs

The simple fact of paying for something a month after you’ve bought it can make a tremendous difference to company cashflow, according to Tony Goodwin, chief executive of Antal International, a world-wide recruitment agency with 180 staff in five Asian offices, including Hong Kong and Singapore, and around U.S.$15 million annual turnover. “You improve cashflow management because you always feel that someone else is shouldering responsibility. It buys you another month, which is very important,” he says.

Mr. Goodwin is expanding rapidly in the region, focusing on both large and on-the-rise small cities. “As the business grows, we will do it through the use of corporate cards,” says Mr. Goodwin. “They’re integral to the way we do business.”

Being able to check the business spending of his Asian employees from any device, through online monitoring software, has been a great help, says Mr. Goodwin. “It has made corporate cards even more of a resource. Along with my chief financial officer, I can check balances and who is spending what.”

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