Better Risk Management

The American Express Corporate Card helps small companies grow by providing short-term credit and risk protection when they need it most. Our international payment solution helps small companies travel internationally to secure new business and manage their expenses during rapid periods of growth.

Casetify is one of the largest tech accessory brands in the world, with clients and suppliers around the globe. The personal credit cards used by its Hong Kong-based founders in the early start-up days were no longer suitable for the rapidly growing business, which resulted in higher expenses and risks. The company’s executives were traveling extensively to grow the company, and they needed help managing their travel expenses.

Casetify adopted the American Express Corporate Card as their primary payment solution for everything from online marketing to courier services and travel expenses. Implementation was smooth and efficient, relieving the founders of personal credit risk that was better borne by the corporation. Today, the company continues to grow, thanks to steadily rising credit limits, travel savings and a payment solution that suits ambitions.

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