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    So many places welcome your American Express® Corporate Card

    We’re always growing our merchant network in Hong Kong to help you get even more savings and rewards from your Corporate Card.

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    Best Corporate Card for 8 Consecutive Years—and Counting!

    For the 8th year in a row, American Express has been awarded the “Best Corporate Card” at the “Merits of Achievement in Banking and Finance 2018” by CAPITAL Magazine.

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    Hong Kong finance executives anticipate strong economic growth

    Hong Kong finance executives anticipate strong economic growth

    Hong Kong’s top finance decision makers appeared to be feeling optimistic when they participated in the American Express Global Business and Spending Monitor 2017.

  • Cash Flow Management

    A Better Way to Move Money

    Hong Kong’s love affair with cash results in inefficient payment systems. Hong Kong businesses still rely heavily on inefficient and costly wire transfers Wire transfers are hard to track and require additional administrative attention Multi-currency credit-based payment…

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    Flexible Billing Cycles For Better Cash Flow

    Learn how flexible credit card billing cycles can improve your company’s cash flow

  • Cash Flow Management

    Hong Kong CFOs Step Up in Future-Proofing for 2020

    American Express surveyed Hong Kong mid-sized companies for the second consecutive year in the CFO Future-Proofing Survey on how and what they will do to future-proof their businesses towards 2020.

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    Enhanced Asia Miles for You and Your Business

    Starting August 1, 2016, American Express Cathay Pacific Corporate Cards will bring you greater value with an improved Asia Miles™ earn rate.

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    Better Risk Management

    The American Express Corporate Card Program helps small companies grow by providing short-term credit and cash flow when they need it most.