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  • Cash Flow Management

    Implementing a Corporate Card Program

    Implementing a Corporate Card Program

  • Customer Testimonials

    Facilitating Business Growth

    Efficient international payments and access to credit enabled business to expand its presence in Hong Kong.

  • The New Business Traveler

    Creating a Travel Policy That Matches Your Business Strategy

    Travel policies can save money and reduce stress and complications for employees; Follow a clear plan and strategy when implementing a new travel policy.

  • Business Insights

    How Hong Kong SMEs can get greater transparency over International Payments

    Transparency is crucial for companies, especially SMEs. Find out how American Express can give SMEs better control and visibility over their international payments, helping to significantly reduce their costs.

  • Cash Flow Management

    Alternative solutions to Hong Kong SMEs’ cash flow challenges

    Watch video to understand how Hong Kong SMEs can leverage alternative payment solutions that are more flexible and efficient, to help meet their short term cash flow needs.

  • Cash Flow Management

    Big Buying Power for Small Businesses

    Extra purchasing power can make a big difference for a small businesses.

  • Cash Flow Management

    How SMEs can save money and boost transparency for international supplier payments

    International payments can be complex, and transparency is essential for efficiency, especially for SMEs. American Express can help SMEs have better control and visibility over their international payments while significantly reducing their administrative costs.

  • Cash Flow Management

    Leveraging Technology to Prevent Fraud

    With increased enforcement of the US Foreign Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act and increasingly strict Chinese regulation of corporate entertainment, companies must improve their business processes to more effectively manage employee travel and entertainment spending.