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Billing and Payment options

American Express offers both individual and central billing and payment options that can be customised to suit your specific Corporate Card Account. The options are:

  • Individually billed, centrally paid
  • Individually billed, individually paid
  • Centrally billed, centrally paid

Individually billed, centrally paid

Each Card Member submits an expense report in accordance with your Company policy. The Company issues a single check to American Express for all authorized charges. Card Members can pay American Express directly for unapproved and personal charges. This option benefits your Company because it:

  • Improves cash flow
  • Retains control over payments
  • Encourages accurate documentation of expenses
  • Reduces the number of reimbursement cheques written

Individually billed, individually paid

This option allows your employees to continue submitting expenses for reimbursement. They are responsible for remitting payment to American Express. The benefits of this approach include:

  • Minimizes change for your Company and employees at the implementation stage
  • Encourages timely submission of expense reports
  • Encourages accurate documentation of expenses
  • Reduces corporate administrative workload and cost
  • Allows employees to put personal expenditure on their Card (if permitted under Company policy)

Centrally billed, centrally paid

Central billing accounts can be used to consolidate expenses charged to individual Corporate Cards or as a standard payment vehicle for specific categories of expenses. Central bills can also be implemented as a complement to our Corporate Card individual billing options. The benefits of this option include:

  • Increases convenience for Card Members
  • Improves Company cash flow
  • Allows you to make a single payment for all Cards

Various Liability Options

The Corporate Card programmes provide Companies with peace of mind knowing that they are only liable for business charges and a variety of liability options to suite your needs. Levels of liability include:

  • Combined Liability, in which Company and each Card Member are jointly and severally liable for all authorised charges incurred by the Card Member. The Company is not liable for charges incurred by the Card Member that are personal in nature and which did not accrue a benefit to the Company, or for which the Company has reimbursed the Card Member.
  • Corporate Liability, in which your Company is liable for all charges incurred on the Card issued to the individual. Your Company is not liable for unauthorised use of the Card in specific circumstances only. This liability option is recommended if your Company has strict internal policies preventing personal use of the Card or where staff, such as Directors, are entrusted with all expense claims.