American Express Corporate Card Programme

American Express Corporate Card Programme to Manage Corporate Expenses

Take control of your expenses with the American Express Corporate Card Programme. You’ll have the power to implement an expense management solution to simplify the management of your corporate expenses, ensure compliance of your expense policy and drive savings direct to your bottom line.

Impressive savings for your Company

Savings for your Company start here. Reduced transaction costs and shorter processing times improve your bottom line, while tailored billing and liability protection give you more control of your expenses. Learn more

Flexible Controls. Better Protection

Extend company cash flow with flexible billing and payment options, while increasing compliance of company policy with increased spend visibility. Plus discover peace of mind with our Liability Protection options. Learn more

Online Management Made Easy

With a combination of unique financial tools including online reporting options and enhanced data files with the ability to sync with your current financial programmes, American Express @Work provides greater visibility of your corporate expenses online. Learn more

Benefits for your Employees

Give your team the advantage with benefits and services including Membership Rewards, online account management and 24 x 7 global services to name just a few. Learn more