American Express® Gold Corporate Card

Effective expense management for executives

Premium services, expense management and travel benefits for frequent travel executives to stay productive on the road


Take Charge of Your Company’s Control & Cash flow


  • American Express® @ Work

    Manage your company’s expense management programme with American Express @ Work, a powerful online tool that maximises visibility and control over your Card programme. The expandable suite of @ Work online tools allow you to execute administrative tasks, streamline report generation and draw insights from spend data in a single place online.

    The suite of @ Work online tools comprises:

    • Online Programme Management (OPM)
    • Standard Reporting
    • Customised Reporting

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  • 24/7 Online Account Access

    Manage Your Card Account is a complimentary online management tool that provides Card Members with 24/7 access to their American Express Corporate Card account. Card Members can view statements, make payments, set up email or mobile alerts, anytime, anywhere Internet access is available.

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  • Access Your Account Virtually Anytime, Anywhere

    The American Express Mobile App makes it easy for you to manage your Corporate Cards account, even when away from the office. When combined with the Online Services account, the app enables you to conveniently:

    • View statements and activity
    • Make payments, if needed
    • Reduce risk with instant fraud alerts

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  • Individual or Central Billing Options

    Multiple billing options enable Companies to coordinate bill payments with payroll periods and reimbursement schedules to help Companies improve financial efficiency. Billing options include:

    • Individual billing and payment
    • Individual billing, Company payment
    • Central billing

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  • Various Liability Options

    The Corporate Card programmes provide Companies with peace of mind knowing that they are only liable for business charges and a variety of liability options to suite your needs. Levels of liability include:

    • Combined Liability
    • Corporate Liability
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  • Up to 51 credit-free days

    Increase your liquidity, whilst ensuring that your vendors are paid on time. Pay suppliers through American Express and get up to 51 credit-free days1 without any added credit interest to pay your statement, allowing funds to earn interest or be used elsewhere.

  • No pre-set spending limits

    Card Member can enjoy greater flexibility in spending with no pre-set limit2, your purchasing power can increase over time as you use your card. No pre-set spending limit does not mean unlimited spending and charges are approved based on your payment history, credit records, spending pattern with us and your current financial resources. You can spend as spend as much as you can afford to pay back, which gives your business greater financial flexibility to cater for different business needs.

  • Flexible statement billing options

    The Corporate Card programme allows companies to strengthen cash flow by coordinating billing, payment and reimbursement cycles. Enhance cash flow control with a choice of 10 cycle cut billing dates.


Elevated Travel Experience & Rewards for Executives


  • Earn Points on Everyday Business Spend

    Card Members can earn 1 Membership Rewards point for every eligible Hong Kong dollar business spend3 on the Corporate Card. These points have no expiry date and are redeemable for air travel and hotel stays, as well as shopping, home and recreation items.

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  • Your Rewards

    American Express presents worldwide benefits and indulgence to you with American Express LIVE Hong Kong program. We have also selected a wide range of exclusive offers at Offer Hub for our Corporate and Business Cardmembers, save while you spend for your business.

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  • 24/7 Customer Service

    Professional and dedicated customer support is always just a phone call away to assist with billing enquires, replacement Card requests or access to a Card benefit or service.

  • Access to Cash When Needed

    With enrollment, Corporate Express Cash5 allows employees access to cash for travel emergencies and incidentals at over 600,000 ATMs worldwide.


  • Worldwide Customer CareTM Services

    Card Members who book their travel through one of our American Express Travel Service or Representative Offices enjoy the support of our extensive American Express Worldwide Customer Card services in over 2,200 Travel Service locations in more than 140 countries and territories worldwide. Our highly trained staff will help with the following:

    • Reconfirmation of air-tickets
    • Sight-seeing arrangements
    • Hotel and car rental reservations
    • Flight rescheduling
  • Global Emergency Support

    For legal and medical emergencies while travelling, Card Members can call the free Global Assist6 service, which will connect them with an English or Chinese-speaking lawyer or doctor. The service is available 24 hours a day virtually anywhere in the world, whenever Card Members travel more than 200km from home, for up to 90 days.


  • Travel With Peace of Mind

    The Corporate Gold Card provides several travel-related insurance benefits to Card Members for no additional charge. The Corporate Card gives your business travellers access to the following reassuring insurance coverage and travel assistance services:

    • Business Travel Accident Insurance7 up to HK$2,000,000 provides accidental death or dismemberment coverage while travelling on business trips booked using the Card
    • Accident Medical Expense Extension of up to HK$250,000 provides reimbursement for medical expenses incurred as a result of an injury sustained while travelling on business
  • Travel Inconvenience Insurance

    When travel tickets are charged to the Corporate Gold Card, Card Members automatically get the added protection of inconvenience insurance coverage. At no additional fee, Card Members receive Travel Inconvenience Insurance, which provides reimbursement of:

    • Up to HK$3,500 for accommodation and essential clothing due to a delayed or cancelled flight and missed connections
    • Up to HK$7,800 luggage delay
    • Up to HK$10,000 for lost luggage
  • Baggage Insurance

    Receive additional coverage with the Gold Card’s insurance for baggage and personal possessions. Baggage that is lost, damaged or stolen whilst on business travel with a common carrier will be reimbursed up to HK$40,000.

  • Fraud Protection With SafeKey®

    The Corporate Gold Card guarantees protection against fraudulent transactions on your Card, provided responsible care has been taken and as long as we are notified immediately8 after discovery of any fraudulent transactions, in compliance with Card Terms and Conditions. American Express SafeKey further enhances online transaction security with added security measure to safeguard your online purchases.

American Express® Corporate Gold Card Benefit Terms

1. 51 credit-free days: Actual credit-free period will vary based on the date of charge and the billing cycle cut-off date.

2. Subject to American Express’s risk management policies.

3. Membership Rewards: To enrol in the Membership Rewards programme, Card Members can call (+852) 2277 2150. The annual membership fee for Membership Rewards Frequent Flyer option is HK$400, or 12,000 Membership Rewards points; and for Membership Rewards Non Frequent Flyer option, the annual fee is HK$120 or 3,600 Membership Rewards. To view the full Terms and Conditions of the programme, the complete range of offers available and which partners are involved in Membership Rewards, please click here. An annual Membership Rewards fee applies; enrolment is not automatic and subject to Company approval. Subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Membership Rewards programme available here. There may be tax implications associated with your participation in the Membership Rewards programme. You are advised to check with your accountant or tax advisor for further information.

4. American Express Live Hong Kong: Subject to Terms & Conditions here.

5. Corporate Cash: Requires Company participation and Card Member enrolment. Subject to terms and conditions.

6. Global Assist Hotline: You must arrange all medical and visitor transportation. As the Global Assist Hotline is an assistance service, we cannot reimburse you for expenses you incur on your own. Please refer to the Global Assist Summary of Coverage for additional details and restrictions.

7. Business Travel Insurance: The plan is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited, American Express International, Inc. does not act as an agent or fiduciary for you, and American Express International, Inc. may act on behalf of the insurance provider, as permitted by law. Exclusions and limitations apply. Please refer to your Travel Protector plan for details.

8. SafeKey®: Secure online shopping with American Express SafeKey. Click here to learn more.

American Express reserves the right to require proof of resources and/or security. If there are any differences between the English language text and the Chinese language text, the English language text, for all intents and purposes, shall prevail.