Getting Started for Programme Administrators

Welcome Programme Administrators. The following information will help you set up your Corporate Card programme.

Getting Started for Your Company

Account Set Up

Set-up information for your Company's Corporate Card Account has been sent to you in a separate email. The information is confidential to each company, and includes:

  • Company Identification Number (CID)

  • Day of the month on or around which the statement will be issued

  • Other relevant Corporate Card set-up information

Account Limits Set Up

You Card Account is pre-set with an approved limit that enables your Company to incur charges up to the stated limit. Should your combined charges reach this limit, your Company will need to make a payment before further charges can be made.

To apply for an increase to your limit, or to discuss your Account limit, please call the Corporate Administrator Servicing Team on (+852) 2277 1095.

Remittance Set Up

Remittance is the process whereby charges and payments are allocated. Establishing a remittance process within your organisation is extremely important to ensure:

  • An accurate allocation of payments for charges made by Card Members

  • Avoidance of unnecessary late payment fees

  • Hassle-free usage of the Corporate Card programme

  • The effective management of cash flow in the business

Click here for instructions on the Remittance Advice process.

Online Reporting Set Up

American Express @ WorkSM allows select customers to view and analyse spending and payment information with a range of data reports including Standard and Customised Reports.

To begin access the benefits of @Work, you are required to enrol. Simply fill in the @Work Registration Form and fax it to the American Express Account Manager. Upon completion of the registration process, which usually takes around 10 working days, you can then access @Work reporting.