The American Express® Corporate Card Program is used and relied upon by the world’s leading businesses as, their preferred expense management solution. Now you can put our Corporate Cards to work for your Company, and benefit from a global-leading payment system that has been purpose-designed for the needs of companies such as yours.

The American Express Corporate Card Program

Offer Your Business Effective Payment Systems

Far more than simply a program, the Corporate Card represents a complete business payment solution, with major benefits including:

  • Streamlined payment processing

  • Extended payment terms1

  • Real bottom line savings

  • Increased visibility and control

  • Membership Rewards® and employee benefits

Specifically designed to help manage your business travel expenses and entertainment expediture, the American Express Corporate Card Program can be extended to manage everyday business expenses like electricity, telecom, office supplies and more.

It’s time to discover the benefits of the American Express Corporate Card Program and put it to work for your business.

1. Late payment fee shall not be charged only upon payment of full balance each month. Actual credit free period will vary based upon the date of the charge and the billing cycle cut off date.