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Support on Cost Reduction

Help You To Reduce Cost

  • Simplify expense reimbursement process to reduce indirect costs
  • Reduce direct costs by providing analysis reports of spending data
  • Improve your company’s cash flow management

Customer’s Voice

  • We reduced the number of business process by 60% with the report American Express provides for Business Travel Account (BTA).
  • With Corporate Purchasing Solution (CPS), we extensively improved payment process for purchasing indirect materials.
  • Corporate Purchasing Solution (CPS) simplified the payment process, and reduced transaction fees for wire transfers.
  • We pay MICE related fees by Corporate Purchasing Solutions (CPS). It helps us avoid high volume transactions without sacrificing control and led to improving cash flow.
  • With complimentary Travel Accident Insurance, we reduced our annual insurance spend by nearly 1 million yen.
  • The data American Express provided showed us that our employees stay at area we did not expect. It gave us an opportunity to review the costs of our hotel program.
  • We leveraged analytical reports and data for negotiating with suppliers.

Enhance Compliance

Unalterable Data

  • Centralize expense payments with the American Express Corporate Card and streamline business spending.
  • Enforce travel and entertainment policies
  • Inhibit personal spending and unauthorized usages by visualizing expenses

Customer’s Voice

  • We can easily review spending by employees and/or departments which helps us to prevent unauthorized spending as well as analyzing expenses.
  • With visualized expenses, we were able to enhance compliance.
  • We leveraged card transaction data to confirm employees’ safety when the devastating earthquake struck the city.

Exceptional Customer Care

There When You Need Us

  • Range of Customer Support Services to help your employees remain safe, comfortable and productive
  • 24/7 Emergency Overseas Assist provided in both Japanese and English
  • Worldwide acceptance

Customer’s Voice

  • Now we can provide more generous insurance with Business Travel Account (BTA).
  • I got sick during a business trip, Overseas Assist Service gave me swift support to find the closest hospital and arranged an interpreter.
  • When I was held up in Iceland due to the volcanic eruption, American Express expanded my Corporate Card’s spending limit which enabled me to stay at a better quality hotel whilst I waited for flights to resume.


That's Our Business


"PING GOLF is a world-famous manufacturer of golf equipment and accessories. Just last year its Japanese affiliate, PING Japan, turned to the American Express Corporate Card to help facilitate accounting, reduce costs, and enhance compliance. The company is already seeing benefits from greater visibility of travel expenses and improved cost awareness by employees."

(This article is available in Japanese language only)


* This article was posted on Toyokeizai Online in 2014.

Cost Reductions Equivalent to One Yearly Wage

Yūichi Takiguchi

Managing Director


KEIAI STAR is rapidly expanding its real estate operations throughout Japan's Kanto region.

The American Express Corporate Card, introduced in January, has eliminated expense accounting errors, reduced costs, eased the workload in the accounting department, and boosted employee satisfaction—opening the way to even greater growth.

(This article is available in Japanese language only)


* This article was posted on Toyokeizai Online in 2014.