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    Notice of changes to the Corporate EXPRESS CASH® Terms and Conditions

    We are making changes to “Article 3. Contents of the Service - (l) Advance Repayment” and “(j) Delinquency Charge” in the Corporate EXPRESS CASH from American Express Terms and Conditions, effective December 1, 2018

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    2015 CFO Research: Global Business and Spending Monitor

    "2015 CFO Research - Global Business and Spending Monitor" has been published globally. This research explores how senior finance executives judge the pace of economic recovery in their own geographies and what they plan to do to strengthen their businesses in the coming year.

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    Important Notification Regarding Reattempted Direct Debits

    Starting from November 2018, if your direct debit bank is one of the banks listed here*, and your direct debit cannot be completed on the scheduled day, it will be reattempted on the next business day and again on the subsequent business day, if necessary.

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    Notice of changes to the American Express® Global Corporate Payment Agreement

    Revisions have been made to the American Express Global Corporate Payment Agreement, effective March 1, 2018, as detailed below:

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    Notice of Changes to Terms and Conditions for Card Members

    We are making changes to the Terms and Conditions for the American Express® Corporate Card and American Express Corporate Purchasing Card, effective March 1st, 2018.
    These revisions are in regards to the sections as below.