Business Travel Account (BTA)

Business Travel Account (BTA)

  • Business Travel Account (BTA) consolidates your separate bills to multiple travel agencies, and significantly reduces your workload. This tool, which is dedicated to business trip expenses, lets you manage, travel data of all employees as well as improving compliance.

Corporate Purchasing Solution (CPS)

  • By unifying payments to suppliers with CPS, great gains can be made in work efficiency. And additionally, traditional transfer fees for each payment can be reduced. Without burdening customers, cost reductions can be achieved simply and reliably.

Service Overview

  • No annual fee and implementation fee
  • No card and signature required
  • Complimentary flight Insurance
  • Request business trip arrangement to travel agencies same way as you currently do.
  • Offers customizable payment term at maximum of 60 days from the purchase date (air ticket issuance date).*

* Please note that we may ask you to select a payment term based on the screening result.

Manage Business Travel Expenses

We provide detailed analysis reports for you to analyze business trip expenses. The reports can be customized based on your requirements. They can also be used for negotiating with airline companies for corporate discounts.

For example, you can analyze expenses by departments or specific group of employees. The Business Travel Account (BTA) enables you to control your company’s business trips and expenses, as well as to ensure travel policy compliance.

Flight Insurance

All travelers receive complimentary insurance with 60 million yen for accidental death when they book their trip through the Business Travel Account (BTA).

Flight Insurance is applied separately to other types of travel insurances. Travelers can leverage both insurance types.

* Some companies may not be covered according to the agreement.