Membership Services Center
(9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m., M-F, closed Sat/Sun/holidays)

  • Click here for FAQ about the American Express Corporate Card Program
  • Click here to contact us for inquiries
  • Making changes to your registered information
    Please send us a completed "Notification of Changes/Cancellation Form (for Card Members)" to make changes to your name, home/office address, mailing address setting, or department.
    You can also request home/office address and mailing address setting changes via Membership Services Center.
  • Switching to the American Express® JR TOKAI Express Corporate Card
    Please note that the signature of an Authorizing Officer is required for the “American Express® Corporate Card Conversion Form ".
    Click here to download the new ‘American Express® Corporate Card Conversion Form’.
  • Have you registered your card's PIN yet?
    [Card with IC Chip]
    You can register a PIN at “Online Services” anytime.
    [Card without IC Chip]
    For registration, please call the Membership Services Center.
  • Managing your credit card
    If you lose your credit card, contact us immediately as well as the police to report its loss or theft. Incidents have occurred where a lost or stolen credit card has been used by a third party to steal the identity of the Card Member and use their credit card illegally. Please manage your credit card closely. In addition, please be sure to save your receipts to cross-check purchases with your monthly statement.