Corporate Purchasing Solution (CPS)

Corporate Purchasing Solution (CPS)

  • Switch invoice payments to the Corporate Purchasing Solution (CPS) and consolidate payments.

    The Corporate Purchasing Solution optimizes your purchasing process by reducing process fees, workload, and indirect costs.

Business Travel Account (BTA)

  • By collectively managing the payments to various travel agencies, administrative work is significantly reduced. In addition, it is possible to see the travel information of any individual employee, leading to stronger compliance and supporting the accelerating globalization of business.

Service Overview

  • No annual fee and implementation fee
  • No card and signature required
  • CPS can be issued under individual names as well as department and team names.
  • Customized spending limit and suppliers control
  • Provide you with detailed analysis reports

Manage Suppliers

  • CPS holder names
    CPS can be issued not only to individual names but also department and team names, which enables your company to run your business flexibly.
    For instance, you can have a CPS for your sales team and consolidate all the ETC card charges.
  • Spending limits and preferred suppliers
    Besides flexible name setting, you can also set spending limits and suppliers (merchants) CPS holders can use.
    Spending limits can be set by transactions, by CPSs, as well as per supplier.
    By consolidating your spend with fewer suppliers with the data we provide, you will be able to take advantage of discounts from suppliers.

Leverage CPS

You can leverage CPS for a variety of business expenses.

  • Office supplies
  • Online purchases
  • Material purchasing from overseas
  • Human resources
  • Leasing fees
  • Advertisement fees
  • Utilities
  • ETC cards
  • MICE related fees (venues, materials, caterings etc.)