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Choose the best payment solution for your Company

American Express offers a variety of payment solutions for both large and smaller companies. From Card solutions, to supplier payments and cashflow management solutions.

Discover which solution suits your Company best.

Business Card Solutions for SME and sole traders

One Card for all your business expenses. Reduce costs, save time and increase control.

Typically applies to:


Businesses with minimum 1 year of Chamber of Commerce registration


Small companies and sole traders

Call us at +31 (0)20-5048716 or click on ‘learn more’

Corporate Card Solutions for large companies and multinationals

The Corporate Card programme gives more control over (travel) expenses of your employees and cashflow benefit.

Typically applies to businesses with:


Annual turnover above 1 million euro


Minimum 2 years of Chamber of Commerce registration

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Working Capital Solutions

Cashflow Management Solutions

Whatever your business, it pays to have the most efficient and flexible financing options available to be sure you're making the most of your working capital. Leverage your billing cycle to help optimise cash flow management for both you and your suppliers and help enable short- and long-term improvements in liquidity and profitability.

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American Express offers more


Business Travel Account

All your expenses at your business travel agent in one single account. This will save you time and money!

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Purchasing Solutions

Corporate Purchasing Solutions

Complete control over your company purchasing  by employee, department, supplier or purpose.

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Virtual payments

Streamline the payment and reconciliation process, with specific controls per transaction