Business Travel Account

Manage travelers travel expenses with a centralised billing account

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Simplify Travel Expenses with one centrally billed account

The American Express Business Travel Account (BTA) is a centrally billed account held at your Travel Management Company, used for travel expenses of your employees. The BTA gives you enhanced visibility, improved control and helps to save time and money.

How It Works

  1. Business Travel

    Business Travel is booked through your Travel Management Company as usual.

  2. Centralised billing

    A variety of travel expenses will be consolidated into one monthly statement.

  3. Easy Reconciliation

    Gain visibility into travel expenses and transaction data to streamline reconciliation.

Features & Benefits

Help Drive Savings With Consolidated Billing

  • Improve cashflow with up to 58 days extended payment period
  • Gain visibility into travel expenditure to help drive negotiations with key suppliers
  • Streamline monthly statements with simplified reconciliation

Simplified Reconciliation with BTAConnect

BTAConnect is an innovative feature designed to enable a more streamlined and flexible BTA reconciliation process.

  • Flexibility to customise how you view data 
  • Customisable data fields
  • Simple exporting of data
  • A unique online network allows secure communication between you, your travel management company and the American Express Customer Service Team.

Help Maximise Expense Control

Effectively monitor and manage traveller’s expenses by consolidating your travel expenditures into one account, one bill, one payment. Ensure preferred supplier and travel policy compliance

Convenience and Coverage for Travellers

Make business travel a bit more convenient with simplified expense claims for your company's business travellers and access to complimentary insurance for all travellers booking their trip through the BTA.