American Express Corporate Meeting Card

American Express Corporate Meeting Card

The Corporate Meeting Card is a smart and efficient way to manage your corporate meeting expenses. It’s perfect if you’re arranging a large meeting – or if you organise frequent meetings of any size.

  • Pay for virtually everything connected with your event - from accommodation to incidentals, from airfare for participants to thank-you gifts.
  • Its flexible and powerful management tools bring together all your meetings expenditure for tight control so you can squeeze more out of your budget.

How it works

American Express Meeting Card

A better way to plan meetings

See clearly what you’re spending on meetings

  • View total meetings spend in one place, in real time

Gain better control over meeting costs and processes

  • Helps enforce policy compliance by tracking spend by Cardmember, by type of meeting, or by supplier.
  • Consolidated expenditure information can give you a stronger negotiating position with key suppliers
  • Upload American Express transactions so meeting planners can easily match them to the correct budgets.