Access high quality data

The data you need to manage your company’s purchasing

The key to successful spend management is access to high quality spend data. Our global operating structure gives you the data, reports and tools you need.

Line Item Data

  • Suppliers with the right capability can capture full invoice level data at point of sale and pass it direct to our systems. Data includes supplier details, goods description and VAT information at line item level.
  • Corporate Purchasing Cards can be used at any American Express supplier whatever their data capture capability, passing full invoice detail wherever it is available, giving you a complete picture of spend.
  • Corporate Purchasing Accounts guarantee full invoice detail on every transaction, including full VAT evidence for domestic transactions, supplied in a monthly consolidated invoice.
  • vPayment transactions carry a buyer-supplied reference unique to every transaction, irrespective of supplier capability and full invoice detail wherever it is available.

Improve purchase reconciliation

  • Helps eliminate manual processes to obtain invoice level information.
  • Cross reference discrepancies within an order.
  • Match to online order systems.

Ensure policy compliance

Compare real purchase data with contractual pricing by part number and unit price.

Facilitate regulatory compliance

  • Access required tax reporting detail.
  • Enable paperless VAT reclaim in certified countries.
  • Speedily updated, continually available data. Depending on the type of report, updates may be daily, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Improve internal audit and control processes

  • Track capital equipment through the serial/part number.
  • Track individual items for large departments.
  • Monitor internal requirements for capital purchases.

Improve your buying power

With accurate purchasing and spending information, you are in a stronger negotiating position with suppliers.