Reporting and reconciliation

A set of tools to give you the information you need to control and manage indirect spend.

Account Reconciliation

Online analysis and reporting tool provides a web-based central repository for Corporate Purchasing Solutions spend, providing visibility to Cardmembers, managers and procurement teams enabling effective management of your purchasing programmes.

Management information and reporting

  • Available 24/7, our administration tools provide efficient management of B2B payments.
  • Data is available in a variety of formats and media and in both standard and customisable reports.
  • Monitor policy compliance through reports configured to show exceptions to your expense policy.
  • Monitor suppliers through reports configured to show supplier spend.
  • Track spend within industry through expense summary reports.
  • Forecast future spending based on historical spending patterns using quarter-over-quarter or year-over-year benchmarks.
  • Paperless VAT processing through detailed evidence of VAT incurred, replacing the need for individual supplier invoices.

Account Maintenance

Online management tools help automate management with little or no investment and minimal integration.