Control Spending

A range of tools and options to help you control spending, enforce compliance and control suppliers.

Purchasing Compliance

For protection: customised, preset controls to ensure compliance, streamline approvals and help to protect your company from out-of-policy spend and fraud.

Flexible Spending Limits

For control of spending patterns tailored to specific needs: set and maintain limits by transaction or by month or set temporary limits. Can be implemented at the corporate account or Cardmember level and, together with vPayment, you can control individual transaction values.

Supplier Controls

For cost management of strategic supplier initiatives: take advantage of discounts from existing contracts and help secure preferential rates in the future. Control where your employees spend and rapidly enable or disable spending with specific suppliers to fulfil contract volume thresholds or manage disputes.

Defined Expense Control

For fine-tuned management of where, how and when your employees spend: assign monetary limits to Cards or accounts for specific periods. Limits are not pre-loaded on Cards and can be simply replaced at no cost in the event of loss.