Improve your accounts payable processes with customisable supplier payment solutions to help meet your company’s needs

Manage Expenses, Not Headaches

Our Payment Solutions

Business Travel Account (BTA)

Simplify travel expenses via one centralised account at your travel management company

  • Offers you insight into your employees' business travel expenses
  • Saves time and money with all expenses in a consolidated statement
  • Benefit from an extended payment period up to 58 days

Cash flow Management

Improve your cashflow and liquidity.

  • Optimisation of your working capital by increasing the DPO.
  • Extended payment period for your company and acceleration of payment to your suppliers.
  • Diversification of capital resources and less external financing needed


Streamline the payment and reconciliation process, with specific controls for transactions.

  • Enhance control while reducing errors
  • Automated reconciliation
  • Maintain current processes
  • Reduce fraud exposure
American Express Corporate Meeting Card

Corporate Meeting Card

Gain visibility to help manage your company's corporate meeting expenses

American Express Corporate Purchasing Card

Corporate Purchasing Card

Help improve your purchase and payment process from end-to-end